Our Story

      Jewelry has been a passion of mine since I was a child. This collection was inspired by a friend asking me the activating question, if I could do anything what would I do. This question quickly sparked inspiration a few days later when the idea of making jewelry, incorporating healing energies, in a format where I could run my own business - my ultimate scenario.

      The first version of this charm was created purely to honor the vision of this charm that called for my attention for a few years previous to taking action. I sold this to friends and family in the true form of a hobbiest.

      After the inspiration hit to really make a business out of this, I worked with an artist who followed my design and specs to create a wax model, which we refined together to get the final design.

      Once I had an inventory of charms, I attended the Tucson Gem Fair to find the gems I had in mind and found what I needed for my first few collections. With much fun experimenting with lots of different ideas this jewelry line was completed.

      It is my pleasure to offer this jewelry to you on my website. The charm jewelry collection showcases this charm with pieces designed with various delicious gemstones.

      All the stones are hand selected for their beauty, vibrance, color, and potential healing properties. Each piece is intended to radiate the expansive energy of universal love and light.

      May you, and/or the person you buy this for, find joy owning and wearing this jewelry.